Marc St. Pierre
Software Development


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My passion is to pursue a challenging, responsible, dynamic and rewarding career and applying my academic knowledge, expertise, skills and enthusiasm. The organization that I work for should assist my career development and allow me to contribute effectively to the progress of the organization and society. Overall my goal is to achieve success in the career path that I have chosen and most of all to be healthy of body, mind and spirit.

My mission is to be organized and detailed within the underlying code of the software applications that I produce which include clean quality products that are compliant with current standards.

My vision after completion of my educational goals; I imagine myself working in a professional environment where technology is used as a platform for productivity to solve a problem, improve a pre-existing solution to a problem, achieve a goal, provide a specific function that is useful. Working with a team where control, form, creativity and innovation are part of a daily routine. Having the working attitude where reliability is reflected by consistent commitment and dedication.


One of the key qualities that I have developed is being able to grasp complex concepts, roll with the punches and contribute to the success of product performance.

Effectively, organized and managed software requirements from the solicitation of requirements to the development and completion of complex software business systems. With my background experience as a business systems analyst and software quality assurance tester, I am able to understand the concept of agile development through the system development life cycle and adapt myself effectively to this process. As an effective problem solver, I see my role as one of cutting through red tape and confusion by providing clarity and practical solutions for the company I represent and its clients.

Creatively, I enjoy brainstorming on innovative ideas that take into considerations of project risks, time-frame and costs, by providing understanding of the needs and goals of clients in which we would build quality software solutions.

Skills and Expertise


Responsibilities include, creating and managing software requirements documentation, write use cases from requirements documentation, build visual diagrams to illustrate system requirements (Data: entity relationship, class, data flow / Process Models: flowcharts, activity, business process and use case), measuring requirements with an applied metric system, communicate and coordinate requirements with the development team.

Requirements Analysis, Requirements Gathering, Requirement Specifications, Functional Requirements, Use Cases, Requirements Traceability Matrix, Requirements Metrics, Requirements communication

Data Modeling: Entity Relationship, Class and Data Flow Diagrams

Process Modeling: Flowcharts, activity, and use case Diagrams

Tools: Microsoft Word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Outlook, Skype,TeamViewer


Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) in Software Testing with the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB)

Responsibilities include build and execute test plans and test cases , manage and mapping test matrices with requirements, conduct software testing (ad-hoc, cross browser, functional, system, smoke, integration, regression, load, error handling , black box, use case), record testing results to a bug tracking software, measuring testing with an applied metric system, communicate and coordinate testing operations with testing team.

Test Planning, Test Cases, Test Matrix, Test Metrics, Metrics Reporting, Integration Testing, System Testing, Test Automation, Regression Testing, Unit Testing,Performance Testing, Security Testing, Bug Tracking and Reporting, Error Logs tracing, Software Deployment

Tools: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Mantis (bug tracker), OWASP, Selenium, LoadStorm, FileZilla, Beyond Compare


XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, C/C++, C#, ASP.Net, PHP, SQL

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Expression Web, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Netbeans, Eclipse, MySQL WorkBench, Adobe Flash, Adobe PhotoShop